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#Barbie Takes All The Influence On Social Media

Trends tend to come and go, some staying longer than others while some having more impact than the rest. They also tend to appear out of the blue and disappear in the same way or gradually depending on the weight of their popularity.

The “Barbie” trend seems to be the closest big thing to being trendy these days as netizens have taken the task of carrying every likeliness of Pink, which is the trademark colour of Barbie as a trend. Shoes, clothes, accessories, assets, and whatever can embody a colour.

Instagram, Twitter, and almost every visual media-inclined social media platform have their users running wild on these trends. It’s a good thing to see people actually implement this in their dressing and allow it to influence their fashion decisions.

Although this is the latest gist considering the soon release of the Barbie movie, it has come with mixed reactions as those who saw Barbie as childish now view it as a strong hand in influencing their fashion decisions thus giving the Barbie fanbase pride without a second thought throughout the internet.

This blog post will forever lack its vibe without us sharing with you some of the sightings of this trend, its hashtags, and mentions throughout social media so let’s peep at some of those, shall we?

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Photo: itrentenni | Instagram
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Photo: jucimodafitnessgloria | Instagram
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Photo: pandora_atibaia | Instagram

Featured Image: barbie | Instagram

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