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Is Tecno Camon 19 Stylish and Well Designed Enough For Fashionistas?

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As one of the biggest smartphone brands in the market, Tecno has always taken designs and looks so seriously that we had to write about them being one of the smartphone brands who took fashion seriously in 2021 with its CAMON 18 and Phantom X release.

Known for its outstanding camera with the ‘CAMON’ series, Tecno has yet again served us with beauty and style and this time, better!

While we’ll love to talk about the whole feature of the phone, we’ll be sticking to its designs and camera and how it can improve your social outreach.

To start with, Tecno is laying emphasis on how well the CAMON 19 series take good and quality pictures at night. Tecno even tagged it ‘Your Ultra Shine in the Night.’

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Pheew, not bad! Our days of looking for enough lighting just to take photos at night are over. Tecno CAMON 19 just solved that problem. gif maker
Is Tecno Camon 19 Stylish and Well Designed Enough For Fashionistas? 1

According to Tecno, the Pro variant offers a 64MP bright night portrait camera with a 50MP pro portrait camera and a 2MP bokeh lens with a 32MP selfie camera.

IMG 20220620 111531
Is Tecno Camon 19 Stylish and Well Designed Enough For Fashionistas? 2

While these are features you get on a way expensive phone, Tecno is serving these features on a platter of gold at a budget-friendly price.

When it comes to fashion, there is no specific moment for it. It might still be during the day but, when you go for a party, event or even an outing with friends and there is no sufficient lighting around you. You can be rest assured that Tecno’s CAMON 19 will capture your outstanding look from your outfit & style to your skin tone and makeup perfectly. In order words, it will eat and leave no crumbs.

How stylish is Tecno’s CAMON 19?

Even before Tecno’s CAMON 19 launch in New York, the series won iF Design Award 2022. Just as how Grammy is the top award for musicians and Oscar is the top award for actors, iF Design Award is known as the “Oscar/Grammy of product design” for its “independent, rigorous and reliable” screening standards and its impact.

IMG 20220620 111708
Is Tecno Camon 19 Stylish and Well Designed Enough For Fashionistas? 3

This marks Tecno’s debut award in the international design competition, reaffirming the brand’s commitment to technological innovation and continual breakthroughs

The CAMON 19 Pro outperformed other entries, winning over the 132-member jury of independent design experts worldwide, the largest jury ever assembled.

With this, you should know that you already have the most stylish phone of 2022 in your hands.

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Tecno’s CAMON 19 “is a beautifully designed smartphone with one of the slimmest bezels in the industry.”

Is Tecno Camon 19 Stylish and Well Designed Enough For Fashionistas? 4
image3 1

The Tecno CAMON 19 Pro series comes in 2 colours, Eco Black and Polar Blue. So, if you are able to get hands-on with the Eco Black colour, whether you are rocking a bright or neutral colour outfit, the phone’s colour will compliment your outfit so well.

And as for the Polar Blue colour, you automatically turn heads with its bright and unique colour design. Also, the phone has a diamond coating of 200 million stars on the back cover. This is great proof that Tecno took the design and styling so seriously just to deliver a unique premium look to make you stand out wherever you are.

IMG 20220620 111615
Is Tecno Camon 19 Stylish and Well Designed Enough For Fashionistas? 5

How does the Tecno CAMON 19 improve your social media photos?

Let’s not forget that we are getting a newly improved AI camera at a budget price and the camera comes with different cool filters which you can choose from and play around with to take super stylish photos.

  • photo1
  • Tecno's skyshop feature
  • Tecno's skyshop feature
  • Tecno's skyshop feature

The smartphone has a feature called “Sky Shop,” which is able to detect and differentiate the sky from the buildings. With this, it’s just as if the power to control the sky is now in your hands as you can change it as you wish. So, is the weather not cool enough for your picture? Change it! You are only limited by your creativity.

Taking boring photos for your Instagram is now thing of the past as Tecno CAMON 19 pro is delivering photo features installed with the phone without you using any third-party app or software. Instagram just got ‘lit-er’ [wink].

Tecno CAMON 19 pro 5G is at a price range of ₦189,000 to ₦205,500 for the 8GB RAM + 256GB storage.

So, should you get the Tecno CAMON 19 Pro? If you want to have a phone with cool features at a pocket-friendly price, then yes is the answer.

Is the Tecno CAMON 19 Pro stylish enough? As Nigerians will say, ‘na your mate?’ A phone with a diamond coating of 200 million stars on the back cover na your mate? It is one of the stylish phones to own. With what we’ve written above, Yes! it is more than stylish enough.

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Tecno did a pretty good job with the CAMON 19 series as far as design is concerned. And we are sure that it will definitely compliment that effulgent look of yours no matter the occasion you will be attending.

This is not a sponsored post and this article was originally published on Glamcityz.

Photo ccredit: @tecnomobile via Instagram

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