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New Movie: Capture The Intriguing Nwa-boy Tale as “Afamefula” Graces The Cinemas On December 1st

“Igbo Amaka”

This is a popular saying in the eastern Nigerian tribe meaning; “the Igbo tradition is beautiful”, and in this gripping “Nwa-boy” tale, come on Naija bring to your screens, “Afamefula”.

Photo| comeonnaija | Instagram

The movie embodies the Igbo values, the Igbo apprenticeship system, and the struggles of the young Igbo man in the society. Just like the title Afamefula, the script talks about how a good name is better than silver and gold put together, and how the apprenticeship system moves. The laws following the system which includes the resultant effect of theft and honesty and attentiveness and the virtue and vices being two sides of a coin that bring either downfall or the original plan which is to pass both knowledge and blessings from the already rich Igbo businessmen to the new generation of enthusiastic billionaires.

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Photo| comeonnaija | Instagram

Directed by Kayode Kasum, produced by Come On Naija, and Distributed by FilmOneng, this movie is infused by an incredible cast including Kanayo O. Kanayo, Stan Nze, Alexx Ekubo, Segun Arinze, Atlanta Bridget Johnson, and also special appearances from Noble Igwe and Kene Achufusi

The Movie “Afamefula” will be premiered on the 1st of December!

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Photo| comeonnaija | Instagram
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