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The HAUTE LOUD SS22 Collection by Kelikume Fashion and Styling is an Ensemble of Bold Brilliance

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How did fashion come to be? Who gets to select what’s in and what’s out? How and why does the significance of outfits change? These and other topics are addressed in the unique exhibition, The Epic Show: Culture Couture SS22 by Fashion Finest, which was on display in Lagos, Nigeria. Fashion Finest has operated for about 13 years, hosting various fashion events such as the London Fashion Week independent designer showcase, Britain’s Top Designer Award, and Let’s Talk Fashion Business.

Kelikume Fashion
The HAUTE LOUD SS22 Collection by Kelikume Fashion and Styling is an Ensemble of Bold Brilliance 1

There are some who create and those who truly design in the fast-paced world of fashion. Kelikume Fashion, a name that has been making waves in the fashion industry for quite some time, falls into the latter type. Her most recent work, the HAUTE LOUD SS22 Collection, is a symphony of strong beauty that encapsulates the spirit of current fashion.

Fashion Finest’s Epic Show: Culture Couture SS22 showcases the highlights of African fashion history from the past to the present and the exhibition, featured designers from all around Africa.

Kelikume’s collection cannot be discussed without noting her command of forms and patterns. The mix of precise tailoring and flowing materials lends a dynamic dimension to each piece, making it both forceful and ethereal. While the guests watch along the runway, a mirrored catwalk leads to the centre stage. From then on, the scene was crowded with dancers, renowned fashion professionals, personalities, and fashion editors.

Pictures for Publication 3 2
The HAUTE LOUD SS22 Collection by Kelikume Fashion and Styling is an Ensemble of Bold Brilliance 2

Kelikume certainly shines when it comes to embellishment. From handmade designs to sequin-studded dresses that catch the light in mesmerizing ways, the HAUTE LOUD SS22 Collection is a treasure trove of meticulous details. Each item conveys a tale, a narrative woven into the fabric by skilled artisans. Kelikume’s devotion to her work is undeniably unwavering.

Kelikume Fashion
The HAUTE LOUD SS22 Collection by Kelikume Fashion and Styling is an Ensemble of Bold Brilliance 3

The brazen celebration of individualism in Kelikume’s HAUTE LOUD SS22 Collection makes it so appealing to the fashion community. In an era where fashion allows people to express themselves more than ever, Kelikume’s designs encourage people to embrace their distinctive flair. Her bold attitude to colour, form, and detail inspires both fashion fans and designers.

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Kelikume Fashion’s HAUTE LOUD SS22 Collection is a triumph of creativity and innovation. It demonstrates her growth as a designer and her dedication to pushing the boundaries of fashion. As the fashion industry waits to see what Kelikume will create next, one thing is certain: she has established her place as a fashion visionary, and her HAUTE LOUD SS22 Collection will be recognized in modern African design.

Kelikume Fashion


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