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Discover the Ultimate Okra Soup Recipe: Sisi Yemmie’s Flavorful Creation That Will Leave You Craving More!

Okra Soup is one soup that is made in almost every Nigerian home. It goes well with solid foods such as Semovita, Amala, etc. Due to the popularity of the soup, quite a several people don’t take their time to spice it up well hence, making it very regular. However, Sisi Yemmie has come to awaken our taste buds to the realities that exist in okra soup.

Sisi Yemmie steamed her fish, Pomo, stock fish, crayfish, and goat meat with onions in this recipe. After this, she added her blended pepper, tatashe, some ground crayfish, uziza seed, and palm oil seasoned it with some salt and crayfish seasoning and allowed it to cook after which she added her okra. She also added uziza leaves to give it a lot of flavor.

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