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Makeup Artist Udoka Iwuagwu Teaches How To Create a Glamorous Bridal Look Perfect For the Nigerian Weather

Bridal glam makeup seems to be on the higher concentration of beauty trends and if you are seeking to achieve such a feat, then get ready because beauty makeup artist and enthusiast Udoka Iwuagwu will be sharing step by step process to be able to appear just stunning enough to achieve any bridal look.

Her pivotal points of concentration locked up at the neatness of the face, skin moisturization with her special “Cold Mark” technique, and sunscreen application for its soothing properties as we in Nigeria do not usually have makeup-sensitive weather.

Other highlights of the video tutorial also covered the makeup managerial techniques like the application of Oil control especially at the T-zone of the face, brow gels, foundation for layering, concealers for better blending, and focal steps like contouring and finishing.

These expert beauty makeup bridal tips and more you will find in the video below and we hope you appear the most beautiful bride.

Photo Credit: @udoka_iwuagwu | Instagram



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