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“Why I Don’t Feel Comfortable In My Body” With Nicole and Feyi On Mummy Mayhem Pod

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On this episode of Mummy Mayhem Pod Nicole and Feyi discuss the challenging aspects of womanhood and motherhood in their relativity. From emotional to personal challenges, and particularly on body Dysmorphia, the hosts share their experiences and how peculiar they can be to an individual.

The podcast which started with a triggering viewer and listener discretion following the sensitive nature of the topic, covered topics that have to do with self-worth and esteem, dealing with the difficulties of body Dysmorphia even in the face of full family support, and all the physical standouts of the female body, post-birth.

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The later parts of the podcast rallied into personal anecdotes, Feyi sharing her personal experience of being bullied earlier in age because of her skin shade, how the joys of supportive communities had helped and how their discussions had been a therapy session that drained one emotionally but was still key in their healing processes.

Before conclusion, they talked about the struggles surrounding motherhood, balancing childcare routines like children’s nighttime and how it affects sleep, daily, and personal schedules. They also educated their audience on Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), indicating a focus on discussing mental health and personal struggles related to physical body image, all on Mummy Mayhem Pod.

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