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10 Chic Nail Art Designs To Inspire Your Next Nail Appointment

Ladies love salon appointments and it’s always an exciting feeling when you get to the salon and leave, feeling beautiful. And one of such exciting feelings is having gorgeous nail art.
Over the years, nail arts have evolved from plain colors and glitters to fun, jaw-dropping designs, and popping colors.

The nail arts world has become aesthetically pleasing that after leaving the salon, you just can’t wait to go back next time to get another design done, because there are thousands of more artistic and glittery designs to choose from.

Below are nail art designs we’ve put together to inspire your next nail appointment.


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Photo @Nails_by_zeena | Instagram

We love the pink thing going on here. Everything is giving princess vibes.


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Photo @tarcsonevelinnails | Instagram

There is nothing not to love about these nails. Black has always been classy, and now meeting with this nudie, and love design there, it’s giving a 100%.


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Photo @lindseysbeautylounge1 | Instagram

This floral design is so gorgeous, so simple, and queenly.


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Photo @Janenaildesigner29 | Instagram

The pink, the gold lines, the white design, the pretty eye design, and the gradient look are all awesome. This nail art design is perfect. You should try this.

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Photo @nadia_nail_nch | Instagram

Yes, queens, this is what you should take to your nail technician on your next appointment. We love the glossy look.


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Photo @Pegi_nails | Instagram

This is giving queen vibes. The pink-purple thing going on here is aesthetically appealing.


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Photo @dlc.nails | Instagram


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Photo @tarcsonevelinnails | Instagram

THey brides, you should make this an option for your big day, because!!! This is giving everything it’s supposed to give. The white, the brown, and the glitters look so classy together.


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Photo @nogti_idei

This is so gorgeous!!! We love the glossy finish and the loving detail.


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Photo @nogti_idei

Talk about a queenly look, talk about this nail design right here. Short, simple and classy. You could take this just anywhere without being conscious of yourself.

As a classy lady, taking care of your overall appearance is paramount. Your nails say a lot about you, and with these nail designs we’ve brought your way, you should always look like the royalty that you are.




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