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15 Fashion Tips to Rock the Soft and Stunning Pastel Trend!

Fashion Tips to Rock the Soft and Stunning Pastel Trend!

Summer is here and it’s time to serve those colour goals and stand out. Pastel is one of the styles inspos for summer. When the topic of Patels arises, one envisions powdery blue, yellow, baby pink, and gentle shades of sage and violet.

By nature, pastels embody a “soft and delicate” variation of colours. Each hue is stunning in its own right, yet they are often labelled as excessively cute, reminiscent of children dressed in their finest attire on a Sunday. But does this imply that we should steer clear of spring pastels?

There are rules to implement when rocking pastels and they can make you look outstanding and give you the “drip.” If you’re new to wearing pastels, it’s important to note that you should stick to colours you are comfortable with and you can from there experiment with other colours.

Being minimal when it comes to your style can be helpful as you play with these vibrant and radiant colours. Overdoing them, however, can result in a boring and effortless look.

Below are 5 ways to wear pastels

1. Mix and Match

Mixing and Matching which we can also call “Colour Blocking,” is very important when it comes to wearing pastels successfully. Experiment with different pastel shades by combining them in one outfit. For example, pair a mint green blouse with light pink trousers or a baby blue sweater with lavender pants. Don’t be afraid to play with various pastel combinations as they will help in improving your fashion sense.

Mix and Match
@awedbymon | Instagram

2. Combine Pastels With Neutrals

To improve your look, Use neutral tones such as white, beige, or light grey as a foundation for your pastel ensemble. These colours will help balance the softness of the pastels and create a harmonious look. Consider wearing a pastel top with white jeans or a light grey blazer over a pastel dress.

Diksha Vohra
@dikshavohra | Instagram

3. Floral Pastels

The summer season and floral prints are a perfect match, and when combined with pastels, they bring a delightful twist to this timeless pattern. Consider choosing a pastel floral dress or blouse adorned with delicate blossoms in soft, muted hues. Embrace the enchanting allure of nature with a gentle touch, allowing the pastel floral prints to evoke a sense of whimsical charm and feminine elegance. This delightful choice is ideal for sunny days and garden parties, adding a touch of grace and beauty to your ensemble.

Pretty Little Things
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4. Pastel Accessories

If you’re hesitant about wearing pastels all over, incorporate them through accessories. Add a pop of pastel with a statement handbag, a pair of pastel-coloured shoes, or delicate pastel jewellery. These accents can instantly uplift your outfit.

Pastel Accesssories
Photo: @wuzg00d | Instagram

5. Consider the occasion:

Keep in mind the occasion and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Pastels can be dressed up or down depending on the event. For a casual day out, opt for pastel jeans and a relaxed sweater. For a more formal setting, choose a pastel-coloured dress or a tailored pastel suit.

Pastel Style Photo Inspos

Yellow Pastel
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Hint of Glamour
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Purple Pastel
@wisanimkansi | Instagram
Pink Pastel
@aissatatdiallo | Instagram
Blue Pastel
@wisanimkansi | Instagram
Indima Okojie
15 Fashion Tips to Rock the Soft and Stunning Pastel Trend!
15 Fashion Tips to Rock the Soft and Stunning Pastel Trend!
Lucy Smize
lucy_smize | Instagram
Alicia Hadid
@alicia_hadid | Instagram
Juliet Foxx
@juliettefoxx | Instagram

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