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4 Big Reasons Why Nigeria Is Lacking When It Comes To Fashion

PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP via Getty Images)

Nigeria as a country is known for its unique culture and dress patterns. By that, we speak of the iconic Ankara, lace and more. Despite having this unique fabrics Nigeria still lack when it comes to fashion.

Models present creations by Samuel Noon during the Lagos Fashion and Design Week in Lagos, on October 26, 2017. The yearly Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) is designed to support, develop, promote the Nigerian and African fashion industry and bringing together buyers, consumers and the media to view the current collections of designers at the event. / AFP PHOTO / PIUS UTOMI EKPEI (Photo credit PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP via Getty Images)

First, Our economy is making things hard. We hardly care about going with the beautiful fashion trends,all we care about now is putting on something and getting out there. Yes! It’s a good thing, at least we’ve gat something to put on for the day. But with the current situation of things, income keeps decreasing while prices on products keep increasing. Whenever we go to a boutique or dress store and we see a particular dress we fall in love with, without even thinking twice we pack it as one of the items we will love to buy and after asking for the price we get alarmed and drop it back and go for a much more cheaper one. Because most times we feel “why will I buy a dress of N20, 000 when I can buy more dress and even maybe some sneakers.” This is as a result of the money we have at hand. Like the nigerian pidgin says “Who No Like Better Thing.” Everyone one like to look good but we have low income.

Paying little/no attention to details

This is not just a problem only the Fashion industry is facing but instead it’s a Nigerian problem. We don’t go extra mile to make sure everything is in place. Fabrics are all about getting that finishing touch but even most top fashion brands/organizations still ignore those facts.

There is no point is an accessory or fabric is expensive when it’s not of good quality. An expensive item should mean this particular fabric or accessory is of good quality or material. But even with this they don’t seem to look bothered about it. As time keep going new mind keeps coming up and it will be good if we set good examples. They are the future and we definitely don’t want a future of outfits that don’t look good.

Designer Ibrahim Aminu (2ndR) speaks to models backstage before his “House of Kaya” fashion show during the Lagos Fashion and Design Week, on October 25, 2017. Ibrahim Aminu’s House of Kaya, so far is the first only — haute couture house in conservative, mainly Muslim northern Nigeria. Aminu said he respects to the last inch the “limits” imposed by the ethnic Hausa culture in northern Nigeria but dismisses any criticism or teachings from religious purists. / AFP PHOTO / PIUS UTOMI EKPEI (Photo credit should read PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP via Getty Images)

Lack of Creativity

Creativity is a huge problem, most designers copy others and while doing this they don’t add to remove from those designs. Fashion is all about creativity, putting fabrics and colours in one design to make it look attractive and comfortable.

Take the Ankara fabric for example, it’s a Nigerian heritage and this exhibits the culture and attributes of a tribe. Over the years new styles have been popping up like corn in a pan and this is really exciting. But even at this we still move with the old designs while patching it up with a little of latest style. Nigeria can do better.


Every single thing in this country (Nigeria) is about connections and knowing people.

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Every little thing in Nigeria is “Connection” to the extent that of you don’t know anyone in a wedding there is 90% guarantee that you won’t even get food. From gaining admission to higher institutions, and even jobs. The Fashion industry is no exception. So weird!

The truth is we need to start recognizing individuals based on what they know, their hard work and their characters. Most brands are not as good as they seem to be, they only receive boost based on their connections and i’m pretty sure none of them will be where they are now if not for those connections.

Most individuals work so hard and come up with beautiful ideas, their creativity? Perfect! Their standards? Perfect! Their ability to meet customers satisfaction? Perfect!

Everything is based on customers satisfaction. If a brand is able to satisfy his/her customer, it’s a big thumb up for them. But we simply ignore this brands because they don’t have connections, they don’t have big shops or buildings. Well, with all gladness everyone is reaching his/her customers satisfaction one way or the other.

We are Nigeria, we don’t carry last we can do better!

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