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5 Makeup Mistakes That Are Making You Age Without You Knowing

According to beauty vlogger Dimma Umeh.

Understandably, things are getting expensive daily, and our budgets might not be able to afford those products we always use, so we make little tweaks to the products we use.

Unfortunately, these products are actually doing more harm than good as they do not serve their purpose of making us look young with wrinkle-free faces.

There are lots of mistakes we make when it comes to choosing beauty products and what we use on our faces. Well, not to worry, beauty expert Dimma Umeh is here with tips to help you avoid these mistakes.

Watch her video below for the five everyday makeup mistakes that might be ageing you.

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Ben Orange, is a stylist and a senior fashion editor at GLAMCITYZ, who covers topics in Fashion, Style, and weddings. With his keen eye for trends, he expertly navigates the dynamic world of fashion, offering invaluable insights and advice to readers. In his leisure time, you'll often find Ben indulging in his love for reading and enjoying the melodies of good music.

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