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5 Must-Try Makeup Trends Lighting Up 2024!

In the world today, we’re currently in the age of beauty where almost every woman wants to enhance her looks. Over time, makeup has evolved from the same old boring looks. There has been an infusion of art and creativity in makeup that makes it possible to be worn in versatile ways. 2024 brings a fresh wave of exciting makeup looks that are sure to turn heads and elevate your style. Here are 5 trendy makeup looks to experiment with this year.

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Graphic eyeliner

In makeup, the work you do on your eyes goes a long way to determine the overall outlook of your makeup. There has been an evolvement from the regular traditional eyeliner which allows for bold designs and infusions of art and creativity whereby the eyes are lined with different shapes and also different colour shades.

Glossy lids

Adding glossy eyeshadow to the eyelids goes perfectly with minimal makeup which gives a trendy and youthful look.

Monochromatic Makeup

This uses similar colours for the overall makeup which are the eyes, cheeks, and lips. It gives a unified and matching look.

Embellished eyes

Embellishments such as pearls, jewels, and sequins are added around the eyes by attaching them with glue. This gives a pronounced look that catches the attention of many.

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Pastel Pop

Pastel colours bring a soft and dreamy quality to any makeup look, perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Experiment with pastel eyeshadows in shades like lavender, mint green, or baby blue.

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Lois Adama is a fashion enthusiast and one of the ways she expresses this passion is through writing. She possesses a captivating and interesting writing style which keeps her readers attention glued to her content while journeying them through the intricacies of fashion and the latest trends in the industry.



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