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Blood Sisters


5 Nollywood Movies to Watch This Weekend

Monday to Friday sometimes feel like a year. Work, work, work! Anyways, the weekend is here. Yaay! Time to relax and be taken care of. Since you don’t have movies to watch, do you need to go out?

You don’t necessarily need to chill with the big boys on outings to make your weekend a great one when you can stay with food and your couch or bed having a good time.

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Blood Sisters

With numerous movies to watch, we compiled 5 movies filled with suspense suited to make your weekend sweet like sugar.

1. Blood Sisters

Blood sisters is a captivating story of two sisters growing up in a world of poverty, where selfish desires are being realized and jealousy becomes the main issue of their household.

An infectious mix of melodrama, dark humour and social commentary, the show serves up an authentic depiction of Nigerian culture that’s also telling a very universal story. You only need to glimpse the week’s headlines to know that women’s rights and domestic abuse are still endemic global issues.

2. The Man of God

The Man of God movie presents a situation where pastors are spiritual fathers to others but find it hard to give their own children the kind of fathering experience they deserve.

In The Man of God Movie, Young Sam is beaten severally by his father when he sneaks out during sermons.

3. Fine Wine

Fine Wine is a romantic comedy film which revolves around quite a famous trope of an age-gap romance between Seye George (Richard Mofe Damijo) and Kaima (Oge Nwosu). The synopsis of the movie reads, “After falling for a woman much younger than him, a wealthy, lonely man must confront the social stigma around age gap romances.”

4. Gidi Blues

Gidi Blues is a romantic drama about Akin a quintessential Lagos playboy and Nkem a beautiful and conservative girl whose worlds collide when they happen a chance meeting in the marketplace in the title location of Lagos.

5. Swallow

The movie ‘Swallow’ follows the story of a naive bank secretary, Tolani Ajao, who, after a series of career woes, considers her roommate’s offer to work as a drug mule in mid-1980s Lagos.

However, Tolani faces a crisis of conscience, and as she questions her morality in a repressive military regime, she finds herself flung into a journey of self-discovery.

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