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8 Beauty Trends That Will Make Waves This 2023

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Over the years the beauty industry has improved a lot especially when it comes to self-expression and finding your own ‘style.’ From TikTok to Instagram, the year 2022 was the year of the most experimental beauty trends. With everyone finding their own ‘perfect’ style & trend, we can say for a fact that 2023 will have more trends than ever before.

With lots of trends out there, 2022 has highlighted the “less is more” rule, also giving us bolder and melanin looks to watch out for. From minimal makeup to curly hair looks to pastel eyeshadow to bold and nude lips, there is a trend that fits everyone.

So, whether you’re looking for the best ways to show off your beauty, or you simply want to bloom your way out of your comfort zone, we’ve curated these top (makeup & hairstyle) trends that will effortlessly do the trick.


This is a popular hairstyle spotted especially by celebs and it would be just right to rock this trend too. This hairstyle naturally boasts elegance.

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Linda Osifo | Instagram

Lifted Brows

We’re certain this is one trend that will make waves in 2023. So get ready to watch tutorials on how to lift your brows

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While this might be a popular style, there are lots of benefits when it comes to braids and this trend is never going out of style.

Luckily, several glamstylas have slayed this hairstyle and have made it look easy so you can be inspired and you can slay it effortlessly.

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Gems on the face are one of the beauty trends that took everyone by shock and with time, everyone started going for the look. The trend will take different shades and forms in 2023, with rhinestones and eyeliner combined for unmissable looks.

Nude Lips

If there is any other look that screams “Natural” when rocking it, Nude lips is one of them.  It’s how effortlessly they mirror your lips as though they aren’t even there, yet still packing a defining effect that makes them a personal favorite

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8 Beauty Trends That Will Make Waves This 2023

Bold Lips

Nothing much to say here. Keeping it bold never goes out of style.

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Metallic Eyes

Dianashin | Instagram
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