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8 Effective Tips On How To Achieve A Productive Day

If you don’t organize yourself and your day, you may end up not achieving whatever it is you have in mind for a particular day. Time waits for no one, and if you spend your time doing something specific and forgetting to do other things lined up for the day, which are important, you will automatically have an unproductive day.

If you aim to be productive, you should understand the importance of managing your time so that you can accomplish everything you have to do on a specific day.

To accomplish everything you have to do and have a productive day, you must master the art of organizing yourself. 

In this article, you’ll get to learn how to put yourself and your activities together to achieve a successful day. 

Now, a productive day is different for different people. A productive day for a banker will be different from a productive day for a content creator. To know if you have had a productive day, you should have:

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  1. Created value for yourself and work
  2. Handled everything from work to your personal life
  3. Kept your physical and mental health in good shape
  4. Been helpful to people around you
  5. Put yourself in order, and handle tasks one after the other effectively.

Tips For Having A More Productive Day

1. A Weekly Plan

This is a good step to having your day more organized. To do this, you already have goals you want to smash for the week. Simply break these goals down and fix each of them each day. This will help you not to forget anything and have a clear picture of and prepare you for what is ahead of you. You can equally do this for your outfit for the week for this will help you not to pull down your wardrobe in search of what to wear each day. 

2. Write Goals Down In Order Of Importance

Writing your goals down each day, in order of importance will help you know what’s a priority. You’ll end up going for what is more crucial and necessary first before the ones that have little importance, and these minor goals may even be carried over to the next day. 

There are times you may get tired and become less productive. So starting up with the more important goals would help you handle the most important things first.  When you prioritize, you know the exact place to start your day and keep you on track. 

3. Sleep Early

When you go to bed early, you’ll wake up feeling more energetic and alert to smash your goals for the day. Quality sleep is essential when it comes to having a productive day. Achieving a productive day doesn’t start in a particular morning of a day, it starts the night before, so go to bed early if you really want to achieve much the next day. 

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4. Create a Morning Routine

Having and following a morning routine is very important if you want to achieve a productive day. This will help you start your day on a good note, and in turn, starting your day on a good note I’ll create a positive attitude which will guarantee a great day ahead. A morning routine may include:

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  • Waking up at the right time
  • Taking water on an empty stomach right after waking up
  • Having your prayers or meditation
  • Writing a few things down
  • Exercising
  • Arranging your place
  • making a call
  • Eating a healthy meal for breakfast

Be intentional when it comes to your day and what you plan on achieving, and you bet you’ll have a productive day that will bring fulfilment.

5. Get To Work

As you get to work, start with the most important of your goals. You’ve done different stuff as a morning routine and are pumped to smash goals, it is essential to start with the most important. Now, these goals may be work, chores, errands, meetings, inquiries, et cetera. Getting into them in order of importance will help you finish up successfully and on time too. 

One tip is, to begin with, the most difficult and terrifying task of the day. This will help you have a less challenging day ahead because you’ve waved the “Goliath” away.

6. Starve Distractions

Distractions are everywhere, and they can be of great limitation to your desire to have a productive day. These distractions can come in form of family, friends, social media, et cetera. You could put your phone on silent mode, tell family and friends not to disturb and explain why. To achieve this, make up your mind to avoid distractions and do things one at a time.

7. Remember To Take A Break

All work and no play… Yes, you need breaks to be more productive. You need to rest from work to rest so that your Brean and body could recharge and become more alert. Set breaks for yourself and relax, and even indulge in your phone which we termed a distraction earlier. Resting from all the work will help you not to burn out and become more focused as you continue your day.

8. Have Your “Me” Time

Now after your busy day, have time for yourself. You could unwind by going out with friends, going out on your own to have dinner in a restaurant or grab an ice cream, seeing a movie, going to the spa, having a manicure and pedicure appointment, reading a novel, watching a movie, cook a fancy meal, and the list could go on. This will help to clear your head and help you think clearly. Unwinding will allow you to take note of certain things and program a way of improving. And as you take this “me” time, remember to sleep early and prepare for another productive day.

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Achieving a productive day may not be that easy at the beginning, but as you intentionally work with it, you’ll find out what would work best for you, and turn it into a habit. 

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Jan-happiness Philip is a writer and an entrepreneur. She's a graduate of Architecture from Abia state university, Uturu. She loves writing fiction and enjoys creating content around beauty, lifestyle, fashion and personal development.


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