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8 Styling Tips To Rocking ‘Abaya’ This Ramadan / Eid Season

In a world filled with fashion and colours, Abaya are a symbol of elegance, respect, dignity, grace and style.

An Abaya is a piece of clothing that covers a woman from head to toe in a loose flowy garment. It is worn by some women in parts of the Muslim world including North Africa and the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula.

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With the rapid change in the fashion industry, there has been a drastic increase in the designs and colours of Abayas as well, which has given relief to Muslim women. Because of their increasing popularity, many fashion designers include abayas in their collections.

From how you choose the right sizing to picking the most comfortable or flattering materials and colours, we’ve got the best tips to make sure you have the perfect look for your day.

So, here are the best styling tips to rocking Abayas ;

#1: Getting The Perfect Length

Recall that Abayas are measured in length so the regular sizing pattern S, M, L, XL, does not apply to it. So save yourself from having your abaya draping under your feet! It is never a good look to have the Abaya running too low along the floor or even when the Abaya lies too high!

The most efficient way to make sure you have the perfect look is to try and get the Abaya to reach the ankles — do this by measuring from the shoulder down to the ankle, a little below the ankle is completely okay. (A thumbs up to that.)

#2: Material

To be honest, this is a huge factor to consider, especially when you looking for a look that compliments your shape. So, going for a stiff material that rolls off and creates wider shoulders will be the wrong choice. So what do you do? Choose a material that not only looks good but feels comfortable also, this will make for that Islamic Clothing friendly outfit you love.

#3: Sleeves

This is very important no matter how perfect the length of your outfit is. So while there is no specific sleeve length for your Abaya, going for a finger length sleeve will be just fine — but you can customize yours to fit your taste.

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#4: Layer It On

Going for a layered look? Then choose an undergarment that won’t ruin your stylish Abaya.

What you choose can dictate how the final garment looks as you don’t want to look like you have stuffed in too many layers! Going for a simple and lightly closed Abaya with a classy open Abaya on top is a perfect way to achieve a beautiful look and a great way to have enough layers.

#5: Weather

Since you can’t predict the weather, you need to choose the best material that won’t boil you from inside when the weather is hot. So going for a lightweight material is a yes! And if in the cold weather, you can go for thicker material.

#6: Plain Colours

Plain colour Abayas can never and will never go out of Fashion & Style. Why? They fit every occasion or event. So if it’s just going outing or spending days with friends or any other activities, they fit just right at the moment without being too loud and too calm.

Black is deceptively slimming, so if you want to look like you have taken inches off your waistline without the horrid dieting then this is the one for you. You can also opt-in for a deep blue colour and other colours which compliments your style. Trust me, you’ll never be disappointed.

#7: Designs

A little design can make a huge difference in the outfits you’ve chosen. Choosing a design with beautifully handcrafted work on the sleeve or waistline can make a difference.

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Always look out for those finer little details – no matter how small that can add that extra bit of glitz and glamour to your modest outfit.

#8: Shoes (Heels or Flats)

While this might seem like the easiest part of it all, it’s more tricky. It’s sometimes hard to choose the perfect shoes to match your Abaya especially when you’re getting ready for an occasion. It’s easier to wear Abayas daily and you can just simply wear them with your most comfortable Sneakers or Slippers. But when you have a brand new and more stylish Abaya for a special occasion, you want the right shoes to match them.

While we don’t have a specific choice for you, here are tips that can help you make the right choice.

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  • If your Abaya has lots of embroideries or embellishments, going for heels will be a very great choice over wearing flats.
  • If your Abaya is simple and plain, going for flats won’t be a bad choice and so are heels too.
  • Occasion: The occasion also determines if you should match your Abaya with a Heel or Flat. Take weddings, for example, you look more stylish when wearing heels on Abaya and you won’t stress your feet because you will be doing more sitting than standing and having a good time, except if you want to change things on the dance floor. But if it’s a busy day with more activities, then going for something of comfort like flats will be the best option.

According to our research, 7 of 10 ladies prefer going for flats to heels.

Bonus Tip

Wear what makes you happy and fits in with your Islamic clothing needs. It’s easy to get distracted by what others are wearing and what you are not. So wear what you feel fits you and also, don’t forget that your outfit and styling should be modest and you should be happy with it.

Looking for Abaya Inspos? See photos below :

Abaya inspo
Abaya Inspo
Abaya Inspo
Abaya Inspo
Abaya inspo
Aaliya Collection
Abaya Inspo
Aaliya Collection

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