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4 Makeup Trends From The 90s That Have Made Its Way Till-Date & Still Trending


When we talk of makeup, our minds go to the current trending makeup of a whole full glam, bold smokey eyes and a bold red lipstick. The 90s makeup doesn’t come to mind anymore as we feel it’s irrelevant.

Unfortunately, makeup trends from the 90s are making rounds today. Celebrities rock this look from their shows to red carpets and even to award shows.

Indeed, you don’t need to do the whole look but you can derive inspiration from these lewks.

For instance, if you can let your lips go with the modern trend then your face can rock the 90s glam or vice-versa. Everything about it is balancing

Here are 4 makeup trends from the 90s that are still trending to date

1. Defined Lips

Bold Lips
@miss.chlo_chlo via Instagram
Beauty Tukura
@beautytukura via Instagram

Everyone can agree that even without makeup, just a bold lipstick, lip gloss or glistering gloss can transform your look. So, rocking a bold lipstick can give your look for the day an upgrade.

2. Spider Lashes Lewk

spider lashes
@tamararenaye via Instagram

This look was popular in the 90s and it made its way down to Gen-Z. You can decide whatever length you want it to be. The look is gorgeous that gives a flirty feel to your whole look in a coy yet decisive way.

3. Tight-line Eyeliner

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This is a look that makes your lash bed appear bolder, giving the appearance of thicker lashes while bringing out the natural shape of your eye. 

It’s a little illusion, if you will, that makeup artists have loved for years (they even call it “invisible eyeliner”), and it’s so easy to do. It’s okay to draw your eyeliner in both your lower and upper lids. This adds depth and a sexy vibe to your look.

4. Delicate Brows

@melviee via Instagram

The eyebrow way of life was super thin from the 90s to the early 2000s. The thinner the brows, the better. On the other hand, the modern-day trend has given room for a more diverse range of eyebrows. That is to say that trying a strictly 90s brow game this modern-day isn’t likely to cut it.

But there’s a way around that. Rather than thin out your brows, create delicate ones instead. Simply put, you should be filling in subtle strokes over your brows in place of thin, harsh lines. Problem solved.


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