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A Collection With Emotions : Funke Adepoju’s New Collection Has Every Dress You Need.

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Funke Adepoju is a Nigerian Fashion brand located in Lagos. Recently, she released a new photo campaign for her new collection called “Emotions.”

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According to the brand ;

The new Funke Adepoju Collection titled Emotions is an ode to the first half of 2020. The beginning of the decade brought a wave of emotions wrapped in an unprecedented time.
The inspiration for the collection comes from the whirlwind of emotions being felt by the society at the moment. The collection is soft, easy and relaxing – a stylish yet therapeutic approach to the year’s events.
The prints tell a story with the different expressions of the brand’s muse in recent times. The story of The Funke Adepoju Woman is a unique one. The “Obinirin Asiko Lo Leko” is unable to go out – yet she still expresses her style, albeit being stuck indoors.
The internal emotions she has felt this year are unable to withhold her external style : for her style, like her mind, is eternal.

See photos below.

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See more from the brand Here


Photography @insignaonline
Designer: @funkeadepoju




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