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Creasing- Dimma Umeh
Creasing- Dimma Umeh


A Flawless Makeup: How to Stop Your Makeup From Creasing

According to Dimma Umeh

There is nothing more joyful than coming across a beauty product that will serve you just well. But it becomes annoying when you are done with your make-up and your mirror reveals some creasing and separation on your face.

How can you avoid creasing or separation during your makeup? Get ready to transform your makeup game with the help of beauty guru Dimma Umeh! In her latest video, she spills the beans on simple yet brilliant tips that will keep your makeup crease-free all day long. No more worrying about makeup melting or creasing in unwanted areas! Follow these tips and rock a flawless look that lasts all day. Don’t miss out on this game-changing advice from the queen of beauty herself!

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Watch her video below:

This article was originally published on GlamCityz

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