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As a Lady, This Is What Happens When You’re In a Relationship With a “Hard Guy”

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Dating a guy who sees it as something weak for a man to express his feelings/emotions can be shaking. Being in a relationship is all about expressing your inner taught and feelings. From your sad moments to happy and sweet moments, there should be no holdbacks.

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Feelings and emotions should not be compressed or suppressed just because you feel it makes you weak when you express them.

Now, there is even a term used for guys who hide their feelings, the so-called “Hard Guys.”

As a lady, if you end up dating a “hard guy,” you need to get ready for some issues that might come up.

1. Understanding

Understanding is very unique in a relationship and the moment you are dating a hard guy, confusion comes in because feelings are not being expressed. A state when you become bewildered and unclear about his feelings.

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2. Your Worth

Your partner might appreciate everything about you, but the moment he doesn’t tell you how much he appreciates you, you tend to feel he is ignorant about you.

Women are easily moved by sweet words, and the moment they like you, they are more moved. Sweet words are essential in making a woman feel loved and treasured.

So think about dating a man who doesn’t even shake up your heart or give you assurance about his love for you with his sweet words. It’s terrifying, right?

3. Feeling Unloved

When you get pissed with your inexpressive guy over his constant failure to express feelings or dish out validation, you may start finding solace in something else. It could even be another human being.

If someone else starts filling the gap, you will gradually be getting far away from your partner. And when this happens, the end of that relationship becomes visible on the horizon.

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4. Dry Relationship (Boring!)

If a man keeps to his mentality of being a hard guy even with you his girlfriend, your relationship with him will likely be boring, I repeat Boring!

It’s really fun when a couple has a high sense of humour and they make jokes and all love thingy.

5. Poor Communication

On a Norms, ladies talk a lot and love to talk about how they feel about a particular issue. If your man does not have the vibe to handle your gists then you tend to speak less.

When a relationship lacks communication, it gets tiresome and it often doesn’t work out.

To the ladies, what do you think about “Hard Guys” and as for the guys is there anything wrong with being a “Hard Guy”?

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Drop your comments below.

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