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Big Brother Naija

#BBNaijaAllStars: Drama Unfolds as Mercy Walks Out of Adekunle’s First Head of House Meeting

Mercy Eke, an All Stars housemate from Big Brother Naija, walked out of a meeting called by the Head of House, Adekunle, on Monday night.

The reason for the meeting was Mercy’s violation of the reality show rules when she entered the Head of House lounge without permission. She then asked Adekunle and his friends, Soma, Cross, Seyi, and Frodd, to join her in the garden for practice.

However, Adekunle and his friends were tired and declined the invitation to the garden. This led to Mercy criticizing Adekunle, stating that he wasn’t acting like a proper Head of House. She even warned him that his friends would not support him in the future if any of them became the Head of House.

Following Mercy’s outburst during the meeting, Adekunle took charge and called for another meeting in the lounge, gathering all the housemates. However, midway through the meeting, Mercy abruptly left the gathering.

Curious about her actions, Pere approached Mercy at her bed after the meeting to inquire about her decision to storm out. She expressed her frustration, explaining that she was angered by Adekunle and his friends’ behavior. Mercy had asked them to come out for practice, but they claimed they were tired despite being engaged in casual conversations at that time.

Mercy further recounted that Adekunle had dismissed her, saying he wasn’t interested in holding the meeting that day. She seemed disappointed with the way Soma and others had behaved as well.

I don’t know what you guys were gisting about. It was not like you were tired. If you were sleeping, it’s a different thing. You all were all awake, talking and laughing. So, why can’t you [Adekunle] use that energy to address the f*cking task?

Adekunle inferred: “What you did was wrong.”

What did I do? And I will do it to even you. Deal with it,” she said.

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