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Beginners Boss Up With This Amazing Makeup Tutorial For Brown Girls

Fatima Bah Aids Brown Girls

Shades play a significant role when it comes to attractiveness. Brown girls can now wear any shade of brown that precisely complements their skin tone because modern makeup has advanced enough to accommodate people of all skin tones.

Making a provision for your skin tone is one thing; using it effectively is another. Brown-covering makeup is available in more than one variation, ranging from a darker to a lighter tint.

Additionally, there are protocols and actions to follow to guarantee the ideal grading and mixing. But without some instructions and instructional videos, all of this would be impossible to accomplish, right?

Even makeup artists occasionally become lost in a maze when trying to apply makeup to a colored face, especially one with multiple tones of the same color. Not to mention the numerous beginners who attempt to appear the greatest while actually performing the worst.

Fatima Bah, despite all the uncertainty, concerns, and lack of knowledge, has a video on her YouTube channel that addresses the topic of makeup for brown girls, just as she is. 

Utilize this chance to control the application of cosmetics for this specific shade and gain knowledge of the items she uses and suggests, particularly the original brands seen in the film.

So grab your cosmetics bag and get set to discover some incredible tips and tricks that will enable you to attain a flawless appearance that is suitable for every situation. Please remember to like and subscribe for more beauty advice and makeup tutorials!

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Clean Girl Makeup Tutorial For Brown Girls  By Fatima Bah


  • Laneige Lip Mask
  • Mented Brow Pencil (Deep Brown)
  • Refy Bow Gel
  • TooFaced BTW Concealer (Chestnut)
  • Pat McGrath Foundation (27)
  • TooFaced BTW Concealer (Butterscotch)
  • Danessa Myricks Blush (Sweet Nectar)
  • Laura Mercier Powder (Honey)
  • Fenty Bronzer (Mocha Mami)
  • Mac Blush (Happy Go-Rosy)
  • Colourpop Gel Liner (Sunnyvale)
  • Morphe Gloss (Boho)

Media Credit: @Fatima Bah | Youtube



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