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Beyoncé has Revealed the Name of Her Perfume Brand and the Name is…

If there’s one thing we’re more excited to receive than Renaissance visuals, it’s a bottle of Beyoncé’s upcoming perfume—which now has a name. The superstar singer dropped a looped video on her Instagram page of the mirrored bottle for her new fragrance, Cé Noir.

Beyoncé’s website has also been updated with new imagery showing Renaissance World Tour attendees experiencing the scent for the first time, in cities including Inglewood, California and San Francisco, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. Cé Noir has been Beyoncé’s fragrance of choice for performing—there’s even a photo of her using a prototype of the scent.

During a recent fragrance unboxing video, Beyoncé explains, “It’s finally here after years of work. I wanted something to be monolithic, and I wanted something to have a little bit of intimacy,” she says while spritzing on the scent. “I actually sprayed this during the show a few times—gotta keep it fresh.”

The Cé Noir bottle is topped by a half-domed cap, with stairlike edges on its neck and a streamlined engraving of its name on one side. Since the fragrance is developed in France, crafted and designed by Beyoncé, and “encased in art,” it’s practically guaranteed to be a standout on your vanity. It’s also anchored by a built-in stand for ultimate perfume elevation.

The name and official product reveal comes on the heels of the recent announcement of her upcoming hair care line; Beyoncé had teased the new eau de parfum’s launch last summer. Cé Noir is available exclusively on for residents of the United States and Canada, with shipping slated for November for a timely holiday arrival.

The new scent—which leans both floral and gourmand—offers fans a rare glimpse into what Queen B smells like up close, containing a blend of clementine, golden honey, rose absolute, and golden amber notes. It’s priced at $160 for a 1.7-ounce bottle, currently the only size available.

Longtime Beyoncé fans may remember the superstar’s first-ever fragrance: Heat, a warm gourmand scent that launched in 2010. Due to its immense popularity, it was followed by a second iteration, Heat Rush. This next phase in Beyoncé’s perfume journey is all but destined for success.

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A closer look at the Cé Noir bottle

As previously mentioned, this isn’t the first surprise beauty announcement the star has made this year. In May, Beyoncé shared an Instagram post that showed her holding a piece of hair in front of a vanity with an assortment of lab samples. It also included a throwback photo of the star, along with a handwritten note detailing her experience working in her mother’s salon. “I can’t wait for you to experience what I’ve been creating,” she wrote, and we definitely can’t either.

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