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Cardi B Reacts as TMZ Asks Ayra Starr Shady Question About Cardi Forgetting Her Designer Name at MET

Rapper Cardi B is taking the heat for not remembering the name of the designer who made her gown for the MET gala.

In a video which is now Viral, a TMZ crew questioned Nigerian singer Ayra Starr on her opinion on Cardi forgetting the designer’s name during the MET Gala.

Cardi B was asked to name the designer of her star-studded event outfit, but she was unable to do so. The TMZ crew indicated in the video that the costume took months to make.

The reporter went on to question Ayra Starr about whether or not she thought that was disrespectful to the rapper’s designer.

“The dress that she wore to the Met Gala took months to make and she didn’t remember the name of the designers who made the dress. She said she was supposed to stand and pose on the podium and there was a lot going on but you’ve been on a lot of red carpets, is it disrespectful to not know the designer’s name?” The reporter said

“It’s nerves sometimes, I don’t know, to be honest, I don’t know.” Ayra Starr replied

However, the TMZ reporter was relentless and continued to try to get Ayra Starr to speak on the matter. The reporter asked how she would feel if someone forgot the name of her new album and also told Ayra to advise Cardi B on how to remember things in future.

“You’ve been on tons of red carpets, it’s kind of why you’re there. So if I came to you and said I forgot the name of your new album, you’d be like ‘what the hell, do you research girl’. Is there a way that you remember things that you need to know that maybe you can give advice to Cardi B on?” The reported said

“I don’t know. I love Cardi B always, every time.” Ayra Starr responded

Watch the video below:

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On seeing the viral video, Cardi B mentioned that the reporter was trying to be “messy” but Ayra handled the situation well.

“Ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa try to be messy and mission failed ..also why put a superstar like Ayra in such a weird and uncomfortable position?” Cardi B tweeted

Ayra’s 2nd album, The Year I Turned 21 drops on the 31st of May, and she mentioned that she has some bucket list items to start checking off — including pushing her luck in a casino, and a belly piercing.
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