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Congratulations As Nollywood Power Couple, The Nze’s Welcome New Baby Jayden

After all the waits and “God when”’s, and after all the awwwws and congratulations,  pregnant Nollywood couple Stan and Blessing Nze has finally let us into the emotional roller coaster by sharing on their Instagram page, the blissful news of the reception of their new power addition, a bouncing baby boy, Jayden Chimebuka .

Their heading read: 

*A Gift of Love 

An absolute joy 




Our bundle of joy from heaven above 

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Our First Fruit 

Welcome home Son*

Photo: stannze | Instagram

This is very good news for the whole of Nollywood as the couple, being a multi talented duo, holds nothing back in celebrating, sharing joyful moments in both pictures and hugs and an epic photo of both parents carefully cradling the tender little hands of new baby Jayden.

Photo: stannze | Instagram
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