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Ebuka Talks About His Life As Big Brother Naija Host As He Covers Schick Magazine

Big Brother Naija Reality TV host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu is the cover star for Schick Magazine.

He graces the digital cover of Schick magazine wearing David Wej, Sense of Humour Nigeria, and Vain Black Boy. In his interview on the magazine, he is described as ‘TV man of the decade’.

In the candid interview, Ebuka opens about intimate aspects of his life.He discusses his childhood, his decision to go to the Big Brother house, his experience in the Big Brother house and how he leveraged on his newfound fame and ventured into TV.

He talks about how being a father isn’t so easy, “I thought fatherhood would be easy. How wrong was I. Just knowing that this human’s life is really in your hands, completely changes the game.”

Ebuka speaks fondly of his wife and mentions how they met on Twitter and Dm’ed each other.

The connection wasn’t instant, but over time I think I realised that, beyond how much of a happy person she is, our values aligned so strongly that an attraction started to form. It also helps that she has the biggest smile in the world and laughed a lot at things I said and vice versa.”

He is protective of putting his wife and kids out in the spotlight, but it is unavoidable, he admits.

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It’s very tough on different levels. For me, I get very riled up when she is attacked or talked about; I’m very defensive and protective of her.”

Ebuka is in a stripped long sleeved shirt, green pants and shoes from King David {schick}Ebuka is in a stripped long sleeved shirt, green pants and shoes from King David {schick}

Finally, he talks about how big the Big Brother platform is and how the fans get riled up over it; “There’s something for everybody on that show. It’s almost impossible to watch a season of Big Brother Naija and not see someone you can kind of relate with.”

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