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Embracing the Outstanding Beauty of Melanin: Celebrating Dark Complexions


Happy Sunday Glamstylas, today’s issue will be focused on appreciating random dark beauty queens we come across. Black is undoubtedly beautiful and we can never overemphasize that fact. A perfect melanin-infused skin shade with all the earthly color beauty is all most of us ask for.

Photo: tovia_o | Instagram
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Photo: jordynnjanai | Instagram
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Photo: jourdanriane | Instagram
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Photo: orelejika | Instagram

These dark beauties will have you gushing all over them with just a sight of them and if you are not careful, you’ll most probably be hypnotized to putting a ring on that sleek ebony finger of hers.

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Photo: ayo_fierce | Instagram
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Photo: miss_malaika_kay | Instagram
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Photo: ti._.kati | Instagram
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Photo: bvdx_i_am | Instagram

A shade of one’s skin should be appreciated and not overridden, no matter the color or shade we advise that you maintain rather than try to alter your skin color. Young women experience low self-esteem about their shade and that is extensively bad, we recommend sensitization on the worth of such protective and yet fiercely attractive shade.

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Photo: queenpokoo | Instagram
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Photo: she.nobu | Instagram
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Photo: amaserwaaah_ | Instagram

So as a young lady being ashamed because of your skin, then it’s time for a fact and esteem check and while at it, know the perfect skin products to use, avoid local vendors with bad reviews, because their production at times might be posing as a very destructible skin health weapon and due to the excessive use of homemade products. so be proud of that color your mama gave you and rock it with style and confidence, Go Girl!



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