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Fashion Styles For Ladies With Big Tummy

For ladies with big tummy, sometimes it’s difficult to choose the right dress for a particular occasion, some might feel ”what if its too big “, “what if my tummy shows” well, first of all you need to be proud of yourself, be confident. That’s all you’ll need to slay in your own way.

So lets get right to it:

Fashion Styles For Ladies With Big Tummy. {Don’t forget to drop your comments after reading this article}

Choose the right size

Trying to hide extra kilos, some ladies buy loose clothes 1-2 sizes bigger than necessary and get the completely opposite result. Against popular opinion, loose clothing, visual perception can actually hide some extra weight.


Others, on the contrary, try to dress everything very tight-fitting so that it’s hard to breathe. Such models emphasize every fold on the body. Many people still refer to the lack of a complex about their figure. It is really not worth to be shy, but it’s not beautiful and culturally wrong to demonstrate the extra kilos openly.



Clothes should exactly fit your parameters. Avoid ridiculous extremes. Then your feminine silhouette will cause only admiration.


Ankara styles for ladies perfectly conceal extra kilograms when designers use the correct cut. You can be bright and attractive hiding the shortcomings that every woman has


No Multilayer Styles

Complex dresses with drapes and frills, as well as asymmetric multi-layer skirts are not your options. These styles visually expand the figure so they should be avoided. In contrast, choose something elegant and minimalistic: for example, you may get chic in Ankara gowns with a well-emphasized waist or fitted blouses with ruffles on the chest or cuffs.



Do not be shy to choose bright shoes that will attract attention. Try not to wear models without heels. Of course, in hot weather, you can’t do without sandals on a flat sole, but if possible they should be replaced with shoes on modest five-centimeter heels. Do not wear shoes with a square or round fore – it visually shortens the legs while a small pointed fore lengthens them.


Correct length of clothes

How to determine the length of the blouse that suits you? Find the widest place on your hips and step back from it 5 cm up and 5 cm down – these are the two lengths for a blouse or shirt.

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The length of the skirt depends on the height of heels on your shoes. The ideal option for women with wide hips is a skirt with length 5 cm below the knee plus shoes with 7-9 cm heels.



Choosing a bag, earrings, bracelets, beads, and rings you should adhere to the following rule: the larger the figure, the larger the accessories should be.


A woman with magnificent forms should abandon the chain with a small pendant in favor of large beads. Accurate little earrings should be replaced with bigger substitutes. Also, it’s better to choose medium or large bag instead of a clutch.


Small accessories will further emphasize the contrast with the lush figure. Big additions will look much more harmonious.


Plus size Ankara styles for different types of figure

Extra kilos may be distributed unevenly on bodies of different women. The choice of Ankara styles for fat ladies depends on the most protruding zones.

Big arms and shoulders

It’s better to choose clothes with flared of 3/4 length sleeves. Lush sleeves and bulky shoulders are strongly forbidden.


Also, do not be afraid to wear beautiful Ankara styles with embroidery or a bright pattern on the chest – this will distract attention from the big arms.


If your shoulders are broader than hips, the skirts tightly embracing the hips and slightly flared to the knees in combination with oval neckline blouses will visually balance the figure. On the contrary, it is better to exclude from your wardrobe a skirt tapering to the bottom and a tight top with a high collar.


Large chest

Avoid appliques or drawings that focus attention on the chest. Also, you may use the ensemble consisting of dark top and lighter bottom. The triangular or rounded neckline of medium depth will suit your figure the most. Another tip: emphasize the waist with a belt avoiding too tight-fitting or vice versa free clothes.


Wide waist

It is possible to emphasize the waist not only with the help of a belt but also using other tricks. Work on a competent combination of top and bottom facbric. Let them be of contrasting colors and textures.


Wear a skirt with a high belt or dress with a corset top and a lush skirt.

Avoid tight-fitting dresses and blouses made of stretch materials. You will feel more comfortable in free tunics and gowns with an accentuated chest line and an overstated waist.



Use the latest fashion styles and do not focus negatively on lush forms. With the right approach, they can be your advantage. Perform the experiments with your image. Just do not blindly copy the models from the covers of glossy magazines. Do not forget about a series of simple rules above. They will help you look luxurious even with a few extra kilos.

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