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Get Ready For Christmas Because Santa Is Coming In Latest Disney official Trailer

Ho, Ho, ho

The holidays are calling, the season is coming, and snow is coming with rage as it’s been already long we felt its cold sting of homecoming, of family and of sharing. Good and pleasant wishes in advance from us all at Glamcityz and you better not be naughty because Santa’s list is already being compiled.

With this, Disney Plus comes yet again with a thrilling holiday movie as the Calvin family returns to the North Pole with Scott retaining his role as Santa Claus after thoughts of retirement plans were shattered after failing to find a worthy successor in the previous season. After saving the world’s Christmas together with his beloved family, Scott shifts his full attention to training Calvin his son to take over as the “ New Santa Claus”.

Will the North Pole be on time again?, well we’ll be finding out on November 8 on Disney+

Watch Here:

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