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Hailey Bieber Just Invented a Makeup Look, Here’s a Guide on How to Create this Holiday Glam

Hailey Bieber shares a TikTok tutorial on her “Sugar Plum Fairy makeup,” a look that incorporates rosy blush, plum-coloured lip liner, and her personal peptide lip tint.

Hailey Bieber Sugar Plum Fairy Makeup

Hailey Bieber just introduced a fabulous beauty trend that you’ll definitely want to try ASAP.

In her recent TikTok video, Bieber guided her followers through a speedy tutorial of a makeup style she dubs “Sugar Plum Fairy makeup.” Providing some context, she shared in the caption, “When I was 16 I was the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker.. this is my 2023 version of that makeup. My go-to vibe for the holiday season!


when I was 16 I was the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker.. this is my 2023 version of that makeup. My go to vibe for the holiday season! 🍬✨ ♬ Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Tchaikovsky) – Ian Post

To achieve the look, begin with a light concealer under the eyes and above the cheekbone, expertly blended by Bieber. Then, she applies a rosy blush generously on her cheeks, nose, and eyelids, adding a hint of gloss to the lids for that extra sparkle. Shaping the eyebrows and drawing delicate freckles on the nose bridge comes next, followed by defining the lips with a plum-coloured lip liner. Bieber opts for a finger-blending technique to seamlessly merge the lip liner into her lips, concluding the masterpiece with her personal peptide lip tint. And there you have it—voilà!

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