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How This Couple Met on Twitter & Became Lovers

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Love is very sweet when you find the right person and this couple just proved it as they spoke about how they met.

They met on Twitter during the ASUU strike in 2013 and lost contact, fast-forward to 2020, and they met on Facebook.

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How This Couple Met on Twitter & Became Lovers

We first met on Twitter. I became active on Twitter during the 2013 ASUU strike and he’ll randomly engage my tweets and I’ll do the same.

After a while, he sent me a DM and we got talking. Just little conversations once in a while, I can’t even say we were friends but we sha used to talk.

He got my number and will just call me once in a long while. We’ll talk briefly until another 2 months or whenever he feels like and that was fine by me.

He finally stopped calling me and at that time I had lost that Twitter account. I forgot about him until he texted me on Facebook one night in 2020.  – Bride

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How This Couple Met on Twitter & Became Lovers

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