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How to Achieve a Sleek Ponytail on 4c Hair: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

If you have 4c hair and have always believed that a smooth and sleek ponytail was unattainable without chemically altering your hair texture, think again! In this step-by-step tutorial by Nthabiseng Petlane, you’ll learn how to achieve a stunning, slicked-back ponytail using only natural hair products and no heat or relaxers. Get ready to transform your hair game and discover a new go-to hairstyle that will leave you feeling confident and stylish.

Previously, smooth hairstyles such as ponytails were commonly associated with straightened, relaxed, or chemically treated hair, and were not considered suitable for African girls with short 4c hair type, as achieving such hairstyles often required permanently altering the texture of their hair.

However, in a new vlog, South African natural hair content creator Nthabiseng Petlane with her curly hair challenges this misconception by providing a comprehensive tutorial that demonstrates how to style naturally curly 4c hair into a slick back ponytail without using heat or relaxers. The remarkable before-and-after transformation is truly captivating.

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