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How To Style With Confidence | GC September 2020 Magazine Issue

Fashion is on a never-ending cycle of change

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Our Magazine cover for the month of September exhibits fashion and beauty trends.

For both male and female, fashion is tied to identity. Styling with confidence starts with you being proud of the way you are. Having the boldness move with whatever outfit you style yourself in.

There are many different ways to dress and style yourself that could be inspired by media, favourite stars or celebrities, or anything from the past.

Here are tips to Styling with confidence

1. Know Your Color

The #1 way to to styling with confidence is to know what goes with you and what doesn’t. To get this, you need to know what match your skin color (complexion).

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2. Know Your Patterns

If you have a curvier figure, you might be more commanding in a dress than a pantsuit, for example. If you are tall, vertical stripes will emphasize this, while horizontal stripes will do the opposite. Take a look at your features, like leg length versus torso length, or how wide your shoulders are, and take that into account with your body shape and colors. By choosing a flattering shape for your body, then choosing that outfit in a color you look best in, then playing to your strengths, you will have a well coordinated outfit, no matter your style. See more here

3. Understand Your Style

Knowing your style of dress will make you comfortable and it’s essential if you want to style with confidence. Styles that feel natural to you may not always be conventional, but you should always communicate yourself to some degree in your dress in order to feel confident. Especially in day to day situations, feel free to show off your personal flair. This way your outfit will still feel like you, even if you’re trying out items you wouldn’t normally wear.

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– Street & Fashion Trend | GC September 2020 Magazine Issue Vol 1

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