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7 Ways to Tell Your Crush Your Feelings Without Making It Awkward

Crush: The moment you are interested in someone, you just can’t stop thinking about them, you become flushed each time they talk with you, and you fantasise about your future together…

Hey! You’re already crushing on that person. When you’ve admitted to that, your following stage is to disclose to them how you feel. Telling somebody you like them can seem like an overwhelming encounter, and trust me, you want them so bad but it is difficult.

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Drop Clues

In case you’re feeling extra anxious about disclosing your feelings, have a go at dropping clues about you having feelings for them, and then you can see how they react. Bother them energetically, or send flirty text messages either on WhatsApp or any chat messaging app you use. “It can help diffuse any related weight and rouse your crush to think about being in a relationship with you,”

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Give Yourself a Deadline

Consider yourself responsible, set a particular date when you will summon courage and speak to your crush about your feelings. What’s more, setting a deadline time for yourself to speak with your crush will do only that. Here and there, your nerves can defeat you and you may push it off for a long time.

If that is the situation, don’t hesitate to pick a date on your schedule and set that individual cutoff/deadline time. The more time you take, the more time you offer yourself to overthink the circumstance and make things considerably more awkward/weird.

Be Confident

This one is more difficult than one might expect, however, certainty and clearness will have a total effect on your convo with your crush. No one is born with toasting skills. Indeed, even the most prepared daters need to prepare themselves for the capability of rejection.

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Make it Easy For Your Crush

Remember that although you need to seek after the best, it’s conceivable that your crush probably won’t respond to your feelings. Sincerely, when your crush rejects you, it’s hard but on the other hand, it’s a hazard that accompanies being powerless. So when you’re talking about your feelings, ensure that you don’t cause them to feel like they need to react. Set up the discussion in a manner where the person in question realizes they have the decision to make the right decision for them.

Be sure you’re also comfortable

You’re most likely to overthink, how you would prefer not to cause them to feel bad, yet it’s too significant that you’re agreeable, as well. What’s more, if texting/chatting is easier for you, do that!

You may think texting/chatting is weird or not mature, well, you have to do it either way so it’s fine if you decide to send a text or chat the person up about it. Also, as you text your crush about it, it makes it easier for him/her to give a less scary reaction. There is no rule to telling your crush how you feel about them so that you can do it anyhow you feel it’s easy.

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Consider How You Would Feel If You Didn’t Tell Them

It will be so sad if your crush moves to another state or you both graduate school without your crush knowing about the feelings you have for them. So, now is the time for you to act. Though there are chances of you being rejected at least you let that load off your chest.

Remain Positive

While it’s critical to think about the practical prospects, you should likewise keep an inspirational standpoint. Your crush could respond and you could finally be dating. And there is still a probability that it might not even happen. And if you feel you can’t do it, you are scared, just smile and stay bold. I

t’s like a mission you have to accomplish, you have to make it a mission success. You might get rejected and you might even get the answer you’ve been looking for, for a long time but just know, no matter their response, life still goes on. When you get rejected it might be painful, yeah! You’ll feel sad but look at the bright side there are lots of other people out there.

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