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Is Breast Milk Bad For Adults? Common Misconceptions About Breast Milk

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Over the years, with the increasing awareness of the benefits of breasting-feeding, different ideas from people have emerged about the concept of breastfeeding and the benefits of breast milk. Many of which are misconceptions, as medical research suggests otherwise.

Here are some of the common misconceptions about breast milk

Breast milk cures all illnesses in babies.

Although the health benefits of breast milk are non-compared, there is only so much that breast milk can do. Breast milk is a form of a healthy meal, it doesn’t work as medicine for illnesses.

However, it contributes to the healthy development of babies. Medical research shows that breast milk is the primary source of nutrients for babies, aiding their body system in developing antibodies to stay strong.

It is rich in sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals, including various bioactive compounds such as; enzymes, growth factors, hormones and live cells. All of the nutrients breast milk contains, are not potent enough to totally cure an illness instead, they help the baby form antibodies to fight against it. Therefore, it is recommended to always use prescribed drugs alongside breastfeeding to cure illnesses in babies.

Breast milk is unhealthy for a baby when the mother is sick

It is a common misconception that breast milk becomes bad for a child when the mother is unwell. Deciding to stop breastfeeding while sick, according to medical research, can prove bad for the baby.

Medical researches found that continuous breastfeeding while a mother has a cold or flu, help protect the baby from illness. According to Doctor Christina Smillie, a paediatrician, a lactation expert and founder of Breastfeeding Resouces in Stratford, Connecticut, the germ-fighting antibodies that a mothers’ body makes while she is under medication transfer to the baby every time she breastfeeds. As a result of this, the baby will not be able to get sick.

Based on this, it is evident that being sick isn’t enough reason to consider breastmilk bad for a baby.

Breast milk is bad for adults

Although breast milk is exclusive to babies, it isn’t bad for adults. Adults can decide to have breastmilk and still be healthy as long as it is from a clean and healthy lactating mother. Having breast milk from an unhealthy lactating mother leaves an adult open to contracting food-borne diseases. Breast milk contains a combination of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and fat amongst others. All of these are generally healthy for the body.

Some reports suggest that breast milk helps to build muscles in adults because it is full of nutrients but, this is yet to be scientifically true. Ultimately, Breast milk for adults doesn’t prove nutrient worthy for the body.

An average adult needs more nutrients than what breast milk offers. Other than that, it isn’t generally bad for adults.

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You need milk to make breast milk

To lactate, a woman does not need to drink milk. Matter of fact, milk doesn’t have anything to do with the production of milk. Cows don’t even drink milk and they are a great source of milk supply. To produce milk, women only need to stay hydrated with any type of liquid and, consume a healthy diet. The body draws the nutrients it needs from these and formulates breast milk.




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