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Eba 1
Eba 1


Is There a Better Way to Make Eba? Check Out Ify Mogekwu’s Way of Spicing it up

So what if there was a new way of preparing Eba, would you try it out?

Ẹ̀bà has its origins within the Yoruba tribe of southwestern Nigeria. It is a nourishing dish that consists of processed Cassava flour, obtained by drying, grinding, and roasting fresh starchy cassava roots. This traditional African meal is commonly referred to as Garri, which is the name given to cassava flour.

To prepare Ẹ̀bà, the Garri is combined with hot boiling water. This mixture forms a starchy dough-like consistency, then shapes into a serving portion.

In addition to the Yoruba people, the dish is also recognized as “Utara” among the Igbo tribe in southeastern Nigeria. It is a carbohydrate-rich meal often enjoyed alongside flavorful African soups and stews. These delectable dishes can be enhanced with various protein options, such as beef, stockfish, turkey, and other succulent choices.

To discover a more delightful approach to preparing Eba, you can explore Ify Mogekwus method of making it in the following video. Scroll down to view the video and learn the steps involved in creating a scrumptious Ẹ̀bà experience.

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