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Join The Love as Couple Betty and Soni Irabor Set For an African Magic Original Production Show

Reelvideo 88955

The Irabors:

Love can be a beautiful experience that leaves you bonded soul to soul for a lifetime, and this seems to be the case for the celebrity couple, Soni and Betty Irobor who are setting the scenes of a new African Magic Original production show, “The Irabors Forever ”.

Catching a glimpse at the teaser, scenes of the Irabor couple enjoying the everyday moment of a super loving couple with compliments and admiration, day-to-day activities and leisure moments, and some parts of their lives captured.

This show comes with popularity following their recently marked 40th wedding anniversary in the city of Lagos, where glam, extravagant lifestyle, and fame met to mark a star-studded event that was filled with the most notable personalities in entertainment and a host of other industries. The Show premiers on the 5th of November on African Magic Urban and will be aired by 8 p.m.



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