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Lady Speaks on High Cost on Asoebi as She Explains How She Spent N180k

Asoebi is a uniform dress traditionally worn in Nigeria and some West African cultures as an indicator of cooperation and solidarity during ceremonies and festive periods.

It has become quite popular in Nigeria and the cost continues to go up as the years pass.

Well, not everyone is a big fan of the amount of money spent on Asoebi.

Identified as financialjenny on Twitter, the investment banker revealed she spent a total of N180,000 for asoebi including the cost of the fabric which was N19,000, makeup and transportation to the event

“Imagine if I sent the couple a 50k envelope. They would appreciate it. And I would save myself the stress, and have 130k balance smiling in my account.”

She went on to advise ladies not to get on the asoebi trend especially if they can turn it down.

“It’s not every Asoebi or invitation you should jump and accept. Learn to say NO. If the event is one you must attend, abeg turn up and groove. No be everything we go press calculator on top. But wear what you have. You must not accept asoebi or go shopping for new attire.”

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