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Livy Land Launches “Captive Mag”: A Trailblazing Magazine Celebrating the Essence of Natural and Faux Locs

Nigerian musician and beauty entrepreneur, Livy Land, announces the launch of “Captive Mag“, a groundbreaking publication dedicated to the world of natural and faux locs, and a testament to African culture and beauty. This launch marks a significant milestone, introducing the first magazine of its kind, aimed at reshaping global beauty standards and fostering a deeper appreciation for African heritage.

In her own words, Livy Land shares the profound inspiration behind “Captive Mag”:

“This project was inspired by a pivotal moment from my childhood, where a simple image of a mother and child in a magazine ignited my dream of motherhood. Decades later, as the founder of a faux loc brand and salon, and a mother of two, I initially envisioned creating a lookbook for Captive Hair. However, my ambition to profoundly impact women in my community, to inspire them to embrace their beauty and foster a culture of peace and self-love, transformed this idea into something much greater. ‘Captive Mag’ is the culmination of this vision, evolving from a lookbook into a magazine designed to celebrate self-discovery and the authenticity of our natural beauty.”

Captive Mag is not just a publication but a narrative of empowerment, self-love, and the rich legacy of locs. It serves as a guide and companion, offering readers styling tips, maintenance advice, and cultural stories that connect hair, identity, and heritage. More than just a magazine, it’s a platform for personal stories of transformation, acceptance, and the celebration of individuality.

Captive Mag
Livy Land Launches "Captive Mag": A Trailblazing Magazine Celebrating the Essence of Natural and Faux Locs

The magazine is a treasure trove for anyone passionate about locs, and natural beauty, and those seeking to enrich their beauty stores or salons with engaging and meaningful content. Livy Land’s vision extends beyond the pages, aiming for “Captive Mag” to become a beacon of love for locs, the beauty of nature, and the uniqueness of each individual.

My long-term vision for ‘Captive Mag’ is to change the way the world perceives dreadlocks, showcasing the beauty and possibilities through Captive Hair’s faux locs. I dream of a society where our true nature is celebrated, and individuality is cherished,” Livy Land elaborates on her aspirations for the magazine’s impact.

For more information about “Captive Mag” and to stay updated on the launch, please visit the website or follow Captive Mag on social media. 

About Livy Land: Livy Land is a Nigerian musician, beauty entrepreneur, and advocate for cultural pride and self-acceptance. Through her music backed up by Captive music record label, faux loc brand- Captive Hair, and now “Captive Mag”, Livy continues to inspire and influence the global community towards a more inclusive and accepting world.

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