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“Mardi Gras” Collection From Woora Brand Is What You Need For A December Style Upgrade

Nigerian fashion brand, Woora!, is here with a new collection called “Mardi Gras”. The “Mardi Gras” collection was inspired by the famous street carnival in New Orleans.

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According to a statement from Woora!:

It features vibrant floral prints Adire batik and damask. The carnival style comes to live with the use of silks, chiffon, lace, taffeta, lame and organza. The Woora! aesthetic isn’t lost but enhanced with boldness and finesse for a 2020 Woora! Woman. Every piece is creatively designed with impeccably tailoring to give the Woora! Woman an overall luxurious feel.

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The “Mardi Gras” Collection also sees Woora! creating its first iconic prints for the collection with every print filled the spirit, life and joy of a street carnival. The print designs center around a floral bloom with the burst of vibrant colors to usher in the spring & summer atmosphere. Every print is unique and can be worn to a variety of functions, be it a cocktail event, sunday best, day time or night time, there is a special design for every woman. Become a Woora! woman today.

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