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Ikorodu Bois


“Marvel Star Applauds Ikorodu Bois: The Masters of Mimicry”

Chris Hemsworth, the renowned Marvel star and lead actor in “Extraction,” recently praised the Ikorodu Bois, a group of young Nigerian mimic producers, for their impressive recreation of the “Extraction 2” trailer. The Ikorodu Bois, known for their homemade remakes of popular movies, gained global recognition for their attention to detail and creativity. With limited resources, they captured the attention of Hemsworth, who acknowledged their work on Twitter, sparking excitement and support for the talented group. This recognition highlights the power of social media in providing a platform for aspiring artists and showcases the importance of inclusivity in the entertainment industry. The Ikorodu Bois’ journey is a testament to the impact of social media and the potential opportunities it can create for young talents worldwide.



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