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Media Mogul Linda Ikeji Announces Upcoming Release Of Her Latest Movie Project “The Night of June 7th”

Media Mogul, Linda Ikeji will be stealing the entire Nollywood scene with her soon-to-be-released, real-life inspired movie, “The Night of June 7th” which has already been predicted as a masterpiece following the success of her first project “Dark October”

Written and produced by Linda Ikeji herself, this cinematic project unlike Dark October which explored the  ALUU 4 incident in 2012 incident; the story of 4 university students lynched, will be facing the Apo 6 incident, which on its own is about the unraveling of truth behind the unjust killing of some Abuja traders. the themes of the movie gather around justice, redemption, and the human spirit.

The movie will be starring a super squad including Gideon Okeke, Femi Branch, Ali Nuhu, Nura Mc-Khan, and April Chidinma, and directed by Toka McBaror. We expect an exceptional display of mastery and whether you were a fan of “Dark October” or not, this experience promises to leave a permanent mark on your heart and mind. Get ready for “The Night of June 7th” – it’s a journey you won’t want to miss!



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