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Monday Fashion Inspiration: Nigerian Blogger Nicole Chikwe Is An Absolute Fashionista With An Incredible Wardrobe

Nicole Chikwe is a Nigerian Blogger, Social media influencer, and Entrepreneur known for being a co-host to “Mummy Mayhem Pod” where she shares insight about good parenting as a mother. Nicole, the wife of Nigerian musician and producer Naeto C and mother to their lovely children, is a fashion enthusiast who takes dolling up pretty as a necessary code. Across the many times we’ve seen her on the screen, she has been an absolute stunner.

Let us take our time and get some style and fashion inspiration from Nicole Chikwe. Her accessories from sunshades, statement footwear, designer clothing, and beauty preferences will be standard as her class, style, and beauty speak volumes of her amazing personality.

Best believe you are in luck as the week is still very fresh and a week’s worth of style inspiration would be an easy find especially when our style icon for the week is an amazing fashionista who doesn’t take chances with her fashion sense.



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