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Netflix Official Trailer: Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead


Netflix just released the official trailer of the movie Zom “100: Bucket List of the Dead” and it’s already getting reactions from netizens as they all want to get hold of every scene hint, every detail of the synopsis.

Well, y’all better gather here because we’ve got something for you and that’s part of the synopsis: 

Part of the synopsis has to do with the life of Akira Tendo ( Eiji Akaso) at a company bent on exploiting its employees and while at it, Akira suffers the pangs of harassment and a working environment that encourages overwork. But that is soon put to a stop by the overnight overrun of his city by zombies and instead of the fear of gross horror and uncertainty, Akira waxes in happiness at the work he’s bound to never return to. 

Although with time he experiences firsthand how bad the situation actually is and the realization of how almost hopeless living was kept banging hard at his door and he resolves to make the greatest use of whatever time remained for his pitiful life and equally pitiful city.

Determined to do this, he compiles a bucket list of 100 things he would love to do most and embarks on a journey to make it a possibility. With his journey came many rays of hope which made him nurse dreams and also restored his ambition of being a superhero all the while uncertain of the level of danger which lay ahead.

Netflix has really done an amazing job and for everyone overwhelmed by the pressures of the modern world, this one is most specially made for you.

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The movie will be available for global streaming exclusively on Netflix by the 3rd of August 2023, get ready for an amazing watch

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