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Never leave Home Unprepared: 16 Must-Have Essentials for Every Woman’s Handbag!

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There are basic essentials everyone should have in their bags when going out, and these are little things you may think are not important. It is not classy to be caught handicapped in certain situations that could have been avoided. 

We should always be prepared for whatever we may face when we are about our day. This handbag essentials list will prepare you for anything as you step out the door. 

Below are handbag essentials everyone woman needs:

1. Cash

Essentials for women
Photo: Pexels

The importance of having cash can never be overemphasized. You may be with your ATM card, but you don’t know what would crop up and the ATM card would be useless to you now.

2. Cards

Photo: First bank Nigeria

This comprises your Debit card, identity cards and other cards that may be useful in the course of your day. 

3. Phone

essential items for handbags
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You actually do not need a reason to take your phone along with you. Our phones are so essential that they’ve become part of our everyday lives and indispensable. 

4. Phone Charger

You don’t want your phone to go off on you obviously. Make sure you have a functional charger with you as you leave the house. You don’t know when you’d need to make an important call if your phone dies.

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5. Power Bank

Power banks are so essential and they will save you when there is no hope of a place to charge your phone when there is an urgency. You don’t want to go around looking for people to lend you their phones to make a call. 

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6. A Pen and Notepad

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Photo: Unsplash

Especially when you may be going to the bank. Most people find it annoying to lend their pens to strangers because they’ve been in situations where strangers leave without returning the pens. Also, you don’t know what you may need to write down in the course of your day. 

7. Earphone/Headphone

There are times when you may be in a busy area and you may need to concentrate on something on your phone and shut everything and everyone out, or you may not want to disturb others with what is going on on your phone, your earphone would come in handy. 

8. Handkerchief, Tissue or Wipes

You may not know what you may need to clean. It may be either dirt, sweat, a spill or after washing your hands or using the toilet. There are different situations that may come up like sneezing or coughing too, and these items will be needed. 

9. Sanitary Pads

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Photo: Pexels

When you know your period is close by, always go out with a pad or two, hidden in a part of your bag. You can also carry one sometimes, in case someone needs one and you end up becoming their angel. 

10. Medication

Always have medication for headaches, stomach pain, fever or nausea in your bag. And if you use an inhaler, please don’t leave it behind. 

11. Safety Pins/needles and Thread

There are times when we may have wardrobe malfunctions and there is nowhere to find help. Having needles and thread or safety pins will come to the rescue when you least expect it. 

12. Gums/Sweets

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Photo: Pexels

No, you don’t want to have bad breath during your day. Nobody wants to be close to someone with horrible breath, it’s a total turn-off. So at some point in the day, throw in gum or sweets to freshen your breath. 

13. Perfume Atomizer 

A perfume atomizer is a small-sized perfume bottle people can carry around in their purses. With a perfume atomizer, you can reapply your perfume during your day and smell good all day. 

14. Makeup For Touch-up

You may need to touch up your makeup during the day and having a few makeup products will be advisable. Examples of these makeup products is powder, lipgloss or lip balm, and lip liner. 

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15. Comb and hairband

You’ll need them when your hair ain’t just agreeing with you. It is necessary to have a small comb and a few bands in your bag. 

16. An umbrella and shower cap

If you can carry one, please do. You won’t want to get caught up in the rain unexpectedly. And you’ll need a shower cap for your hair if you don’t have an umbrella with you just in case it rains. 


There is a lot you may need in your bag as you leave the house for the day, but in this article, we have listed the basic essentials you just won’t want to leave behind. We hope this is helpful. 

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