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Nobody Knows How To Master Both Fashion and Fitness like the Fit-Dave

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When it comes to fashion and style, Dave epitomizes the mix of fitness and fashion, through his redefined standards which are a result of his commitment to a holistic fitness lifestyle, shining through workouts and a mindful diet, shared generously and continuously on social media and his lifestyle platform.

Photo: damii_dave | Instgram

Damii_dave‘s fashion choices mirror his unique persona and sophistication, and his attires in their color and types from fitted suits which make his tall stature stand tall to hot athleisure mirroring his active routine, this style inspires followers to craft their fashion ideas with touches of their own. What sets him apart is not just his physical attributes but how real and life-related his fitness motivation content can be. 

Get your workout kits ready, because we’re either going hard or going home.




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