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Owambe Is Online : Asoebi Styles For The Week – Issue 11


Yaay! It’s 2021 and we’re starting the year with the best Owambe outfits and style.

Owambe is Online is an edition created by Glamcityz Weddings , sharing all Asoebi beauty and styles inspos from weddings guest to owambe parties, traditional outfits and more.

How can you get featured?

Getting featured is easy! Post your Owambe/Asoebi outfit on Instagram and tag us @glamcityzweddings also make use of our hashtag : #glamcityzweddings, #glamcityzasoebi, #owambeisonline.

Let get right into the photos! Here’s our favourite Asoebi Styles for the week.

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Photography : @klalaphotography
Makeup : @tshadesmakeover
Gele : @tboygele

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cfmodels CJNjAgWJUq2

Asooke and beads:@asooke_by_steve

asoebi styles 20210102 160855 0

Muse : @iamteez__ Dress : @starjoycee

asoebi styles 20210102 161512 0

Muse : @nadia_gyimah
Dress : @turquoise_hautecouture

asoebi styles 20210102 161746 0

Muse @em.ily4758 & @style_with_gizzy

IMG 20201227 WA0010

Muse : @demmiswag

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Outfit @ayabacouture

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Muse @bukola_adeeyo
Dress tailored by @officialyomscollection
Gele: @gele_by_segunlagos

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Muse @_iphy
Hair : @hairbypearl_ng
Outfit : @samawoman

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Muse: @moladehh_
Makeup : @makeupbymoladehh
Fabric: @kubisfabrics__ng
Dress @mariam_stitches

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Muse : @therealrhonkefella
Outfit: @rhonkefellacollections
Photography: @ayoalasi
Makeup and Gele: @peaceibadin_mua

884ABF0C 37BD 44B4 8AB3 9C0944DDE65F

Dress : Photography: @mlogimagery

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Outfit: @bint_atelier
Makeup: @azzabeauty_

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Muse @thedorathybachor
Dress: @topefnr
Makeup: @anitabrows
Hair: @traycieespieces
Shoes: @fhluxurylagos
Photography: @abusalamiphotography

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Muse @beverly_osu
Outfit @ericamoorebrand
Photography @ovia_reflex

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Written By

Ben Orange, is a stylist and a senior fashion editor at GLAMCITYZ, who covers topics in Fashion, Style, and weddings. With his keen eye for trends, he expertly navigates the dynamic world of fashion, offering invaluable insights and advice to readers. In his leisure time, you'll often find Ben indulging in his love for reading and enjoying the melodies of good music.


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