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Saida Boj Takes a Jab at Paul Okoye, Says he Left his Wife for a Gold Digger

Saida Boj has taken over the internet for May following her statement in a podcast with which many people disagreed. In recent bants on social media, Saida has made a quick jab at singer Paul Okoye of P-Square stating that he ended his marriage with his ex-wife, Anita only to date a young ‘gold digger.’

Recall that Paul has earlier taken to social media to speak on how many young girls nowadays are being misled on social media. Saida who opined that the words were for her took to her Instagram page to drag the singer.

Paul Okoye and Ifeoma Ivy

According to Saida, he criticizes the practice of young women but left his wife to follow one. She alleged that his new wife, Ivy Ifeoma had only agreed to marry him because of his money and not for his looks or anything else. Saida Boj also berated him for his post, referring to him as a “Rude young boy.”

“Wey get dada. say dey spoil daughters dude why do you think your new wife married you? You Ex Wife Wey been understand with you wetin She gain ? didn’t you betray her for a gold digger like me likee no be Say you fine or get one kin swag Wey go make that beautiful model marry you smart girl came the money bwhhhh, help me tell her am proud Of her you be old man. no dey reason like boy under 20. One thing. Always be polite When talking to ladies do not be RUDE young BOY”

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