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Solo Adventurer Pelumi Nubi Glows Effortlessly on ThisDay Style’s Latest Cover

Solo adventurer Pelumi Nubi shines effortlessly on the latest cover of ThisDay Style, showcasing her remarkable journey from London to Lagos by road in her Peugeot 107.

Pelumi Nubi, a solo traveller who recently accomplished an incredible feat by travelling from London to Lagos by road in her Peugeot 107, was featured in a recent interview with ThisDay Style. Styled by Jemima Oyeleke, she epitomizes Lagosian chic, adorned in stylish attire from the Nigerian bespoke brand, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, and expertly captured by acclaimed photographer Emmanuel Oyeleke.

According to the designer’s post on Instagram, every outfit was carefully chosen to illuminate her journey so far.

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Pelumi Nubi’s outfit is a pointer to her true nature. The Nabou Agbada, steeped in African tradition, symbolizes her enduring fortitude and resilience. Meanwhile, the ethereal layers of the Kubra Dress reveal her vulnerability and openness, depicting her steadfast resolve to overcome obstacles and share her narrative. Lastly, the Yvonne Dress, flowing gracefully with each stride, mirrors the miles she traversed, encapsulating the essence of her remarkable odyssey.

Pelumi Nubi
Solo Adventurer Pelumi Nubi Glows Effortlessly on ThisDay Style's Latest Cover

Every look celebrates her beauty and encourages self-expression through the language of fashion.

Here are excerpts from Pelumi Nubi’s interview with ThisDay

Let’s talk about your car, Lumi. Why did you choose a Peugeot 107 for this trip, and did you for a second doubt the car’s capability to take you on this journey?

I chose a Peugeot 107 for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and compact size, which is advantageous for navigating varied terrains. Yes, I knew it was not made for such a trip, and a four-wheel drive was most likely the preferred and best option, but I had to make do with what I had. I simply used the tool (the car) that I had. I already owned her before the trip, and it was one less cost for me. Despite its small size, I had confidence in its capabilities, having thoroughly researched and prepared it for the journey.

Pelumi Nubi 1
Solo Adventurer Pelumi Nubi Glows Effortlessly on ThisDay Style's Latest Cover

Also, tell us what the journey was like through Africa. What country did you face the most pushback and setbacks?

The African leg of the journey was intense and enriching, with each country offering unique challenges and rewards. The most pushback came from Liberia. From navigating bureaucratic hurdles at borders and adapting to the vastly different road, bad road conditions in Guinea. The journey led me from the historical depth and natural beauty of The Gambia and Guinea-Bissau, with their inviting beaches and rich cultural tapestries, to the vibrant life in Guinea and the resilience of Sierra Leone, each country offering a unique glimpse into the heart of West Africa. The serene beaches, bustling markets, and warm welcome of local communities were constants along the way, painting a picture of a region rich in tradition and natural beauty.

Pelumi Nubi 2
Solo Adventurer Pelumi Nubi Glows Effortlessly on ThisDay Style's Latest Cover

You have been warmly received in Lagos after 68 gruelling days on the road, travelling by road from London to Lagos. Tell us what inspired this trip. What gave you the conviction that it was something you could do?

The inspiration for this journey came from a deep-seated desire to connect with different cultures and landscapes in a way that only road travel can offer. The conviction stemmed from a blend of adventurous spirit and wanting to chase adventure, coupled with the belief that such an endeavour while challenging, was an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and exploration. I did not see enough people who looked like me doing overland travel, and I know the importance of representation.

Read her full interview on this ThisDay

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Pelumi nubi 3
Solo Adventurer Pelumi Nubi Glows Effortlessly on ThisDay Style's Latest Cover
Pelumi Nubi 4
Solo Adventurer Pelumi Nubi Glows Effortlessly on ThisDay Style's Latest Cover



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