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Style Inspo: How To Rock Green Outfits

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Some colours are so easy to wear. They easily go with anything and everything, you don’t need to overthink when it comes to those colours.

Now, when we talk about green. Green is one colour that most people are scared to wear and whenever they do, they don’t feel confident, most especially when it’s light green.

Green is the latter for most people out there. It’s not that green isn’t beautiful (because it is!), it’s just that people often find it harder to wear and style than other colours.

Well, today we’re giving you the low down on how to wear your green – and how to do so without looking like Nigeria’s flag.

Green is associated with nature, and thus it evokes a sense of vitality and well-being. Green conjures up ideas of health and wellness. It’s restful, soothing, and cheerful. Green symbolizes growth and optimism and movement forward.

Here are tips on how to wear green

  • As with any colour, the key is to wear with neutrals. So play it safe and sophisticated with black, navy blue, white, grey or camel.
  • Don’t wear green head to toe (unless, of course, you are very confident in your styling skills). Green is a statement colour so tone down the rest of your outfit.
  • Use as a highlight colour with a hero piece such as a coat, shoes, shirt, dress, skirt or pants and draw attention to your best assets
  • Or start with accent accessories. Try a scarf, a bag, shoes, a belt, a large chain link necklace or chunky cuffs.
  • You don’t have to wear solid colours. Look for prints or patterns and wear them back with solid colours.
  • Know what shade of green works best with your skin tone.
  • Cool skin tones (skin tones that look pinker): Opt for blue-based greens. Warm skin tones (skin tones that look more golden): Choose yellow-based green tones.
  • Green worn with white is fresh and crisp
  • Wear silver or gold accents for an elegantly rich appearance
  • Try a little attitude — mix green with unexpected colours, textures and patterns.
  • Team a chunky emerald green necklace with a crisp white man-style shirt for that client meeting.
  • Wear gold or silver-jewelled sandals with emerald green pants for a casual weekend lunch.
  • Wear a green-striped top with a navy skirt to change up your workwear look.
  • Mix green with blue for a natural watery palette
  • Or turn up the heat and team green with orange or yellow

Here are photo inspos on how to wear Green

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Ben Orange, is a stylist and a senior fashion editor at GLAMCITYZ, who covers topics in Fashion, Style, and weddings. With his keen eye for trends, he expertly navigates the dynamic world of fashion, offering invaluable insights and advice to readers. In his leisure time, you'll often find Ben indulging in his love for reading and enjoying the melodies of good music.


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